Pictures and Stories

This is a work in progress, The stories I have posted on here so far, are stories that Grandma told me when I video taped her. I have noticed I have lost some of the information and need to update some of the stories. I just need the time to re-watch the videos and translate them. When I redo them It will be word for word, My question followed my her answer. The format I have used so far is that I put a book together for her 90th Birthday. After watching the video again this last month, I'm thinking of changing it

If you have any stories, Pictures of Grandma, and Grandpa please pass them on. Also you can comment after each posting.

Also if you know all the people in the pictures, I wouldn't mind adding them also. I also still more photo to upload.

Thank You.
Kimberly (Laub) Thurston

Sheila (daughter) and (some) her girls

: Sheila - Mom, Lorraine Tobler (photos), Diana Tietjen (photos), Kaye Baker (photos)
Took this picture from Pam's Facebook, Thanks Pam love the picture.

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